8 January 2013

teenage problems.

the english teacher asked we (4sceince2 class) to list down our problems on the paper. we were divided to a group.i heard a few hilarious problem and  i think it shouldnt categorized as a problem..hahhaa but, we are teenager so we thought everything we doesnt like is the problimooo~~ (do i got wrong?? :p) some of the problems sounds weird too..xD so,,,here are what my group problems..

1)have to stay at home,reading books..no time to play with friends

2)can't watch televison on late night

3)have a lot of problems but it is too privrate so, that's the problem xD

4)cant take too much seafood

5)dont have own money

6)my mom always lectures me

7)cant on9 internet on school day (of coz this is not my problem :P)

8)i cant solve maths problem (too hard! )  *was my idea too

9)always have a bad dream

10)cant manage time properly

 then,we were asked to recite these problems to classmate...(yg nombo 3 & 7 tu kmi x bca :p)..so, till then~~

as'salam..see ya!! ^^ xoxoxo

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