24 June 2012

all about my lil sweety


i'll tell u about my lil sweet in this entry...this is my appreciation for her.she is always leave a messages at my 'cbox'' & my bestfriend on fb (insyallah till jannah) u'll see a girl named e-qah dear at my cbox.what a kind of sweet messages honey! <3 unfortunately,she doesnt have blog :(..she is 13 years old..2 years younger than me! now,let u know how her attitude is.she is friendly & lovely.maybe there are more about her  good attitude that i dont know.But i know she was a good person & be blessed ALLAH S.W.T :).her name is izzah rafiqah.
her..izzah rafiqah

we often chatting together on fb & never talk each other(just talk on fb)..hihi..alhamdulillah.i feel so lucky.ALLAH has sent to me another a good friend. she has given me a happiness when we got an opportunity to chat each other on facebook hehe :P.to izzah,this is what i can do..& i hope u'll love it! :D i cant do what hve u done to me..sorry!  <3 u! :)

*i just wanna challenge myself to write in ENGLISH... broken english,broken grammar!! hahaha :D tq for reading ya.. :)

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